Dennis Tomsheck

Dennis Tomsheck
Water Solutions Division

Mr. Tomsheck is a veteran of the water treatment industry, with 25 years experience as a water treatment Service Engineer, Product Manager and Technical Consultant. He has worked for both large national and regional water treatment companies, dealing directly with customers as a Field Service Engineer and a Regional Technical Manager. During his 15 year career with Azure’s Jamestown division, Dennis has served as Product Manager for both the company’s Wastewater Treatment Technologies and Pulp and Paper Process Chemicals Divisions, developing each of these new business groups into successful divisions within the firm.

Mr. Tomsheck has also earned the prestigious Certified Water Technologist (CWT) credential presented by the Association of Water Technologies (AWT), the only independent certification for industrial water treatment professionals. Currently less than 300 water treatment professionals worldwide have achieved the rigorous CWT credential from the AWT. His core areas of competence include industrial and commercial evaporative cooling systems, industrial, commercial and utility boilers, and closed recirculating water handling systems. He is an expert in industrial wastewater treatment and process chemistries for papermaking, and has worked with industrial clients and paper mills throughout the United States troubleshooting water treatment and production chemistry issues.

Mr. Tomsheck formed the Water Solutions division of Azure in the late 90s to market chlorine dioxide and alternative oxidants to municipal potable water treatment plants, paper mills and large industrial clients throughout the United States. Mr. Tomsheck is a nationally recognized expert in the production and application of chlorine dioxide and has several patents pending related to advanced chlorine dioxide production technologies. His core areas of competence include on-site chlorine dioxide production equipment, ClO2 distribution systems and process control for the application of chlorine dioxide.

Mr. Tomsheck is currently President of the Water Solution division of Azure, working with major clients throughout the United States in a variety of applications and industries including municipal drinking water, oil and gas hydro-fracing, food processing and rendering odor control. Dennis also provides consulting services to municipal drinking water plants on a variety of water chemistry topics, including enhanced coagulation, advanced coagulants, pre-oxidation for the removal of inorganic and organically bound contaminants, TOC reduction, THM and HAA reduction, taste and odor control, and distribution system corrosion control for lead and copper rule compliance.

Mr. Tomsheck currently lives in Stratford, Connecticut with his wife and two children, and enjoys sailing, golf, skiing, SCUBA diving, and playing his guitar.

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