Water Resource Specialists

Azure Water Services, LLC is a diversified manufacturer and supplier of environmentally-responsible products and services used in industrial, commercial, and municipal water treatment applications. The three primary divisions within the Azure group, Jamestown Technologies, Water Solutions and Redux Technology, bring over 75 years of combined experience in such critical areas as cooling and boiler water treatments, groundwater remediation, chlorine dioxide generation and application, solution mining operations, waste water treatment procedures, potable water operations, and fuel oil treatments. The company also offers a complete line of computerized process control and monitoring equipment, metering pumps, filtration devices, ion exchange and high-purity water systems, corrosion and fouling monitors, and chemical storage and secondary containment systems.

Azure’s experienced team of technical advisors can also provide customers with a wide variety of analytical, consulting, design, and engineering services to insure that recommended programs provide consistent results, optimize products usage rates, lower manpower requirements, improve plant safety, reduce utility and operating expenses. The company currently offers its products and services to a broad range of industries, including commercial and institutional buildings, light to heavy manufacturing facilities, chemical and petrochemical processing plants, potable and waste water treatment operations, oil and gas fracking industries, power generation stations, food and dairy plants, and other water dependent operations.

Although primarily based in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states, Azure currently supports customers located throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, and Australia. With such a broad range of experience, products, and services, Azure is uniquely capable of addressing each of our customer’s most difficult performance, regulatory and economic concerns. At Azure Water Services, our dedication to innovation, emphasis on service, and commitment to excellence are always at work for you.