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The Nation's Authority on Chlorine Dioxide

Since 1997, Water Solutions has been a progressive chemical marketing and process management company dedicated to providing industrial, municipal, commercial, and institutional facilities with innovative yet proven answers to the most challenging water treatment requirements. In 2008 Water Solutions merged with two other respected water treatment companies to form Azure Water Services, LLC.

The Water Solutions division of Azure specializes in Chlorine Dioxide programs to provide sophisticated, dependable, safe, and cost-effective methods of Chlorine Dioxide generation. These oxidizing and disinfection programs remove undesired metals, color, odors, and microorganisms from a wide variety of industrial water handling systems and municipal drinking water plants.


Chlorine Dioxide (CIO2), an oxide of Chlorine, is a powerful oxidizing agent, principally used for water treatment. Though it is a dissolved gas, it is particularly soluble in water. Even at low concentrations, ClO2 is particularly effective as a biocide, or biological control.

The compound is always crested on site. Water Solutions has two methods of synthesizing ClO2, its WS-2 system and a reaction using a Purate blend.

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